A Time for Love

In the silence of one of my meditation sessions, the musical composition "A Time for Love" suddenly began flowing through me.

The universe often speaks to me through music. By listening to my heart, I learned to decipher the meanings of the messages. For quite some time, I had been asking the universe, “How can I find the time for living a true spiritual life and not be distracted?” After this particular  meditation, I had time to contemplate the meaning of the message.

Here is what I discovered: During hectic days of working, cleaning, cooking, driving, running errands, walking the dog, etc., finding time for spirituality can be difficult. At least that’s what I thought until now. It was as if I have always known the answer, which is “just love.”

We are the creators of our lives, and our reality. God is everything. God is love. We are not separate from God. When meditating, I often use the mantra “I am” or “Om.” The sacred sound of Om mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe.

Meditation is such an important practice to develop because when practiced consistently we are blessed with feeling the Oneness with God, the universe, and all that exists. 

Through the path of a spiritual life, we will:

  • Know that every person we meet is not an accident
  • Feel God’s presence in every moment
  • Know that at any given moment we are exactly where we are meant to be
  • Be compassionate
  • Love our neighbors
  • Forgive one another
  • Let go and surrender to God
  • Live in the moment
  • Be grateful for everything in our lives
  • Love unconditionally
  • Feel peace in our hearts
  • Pray and speak to God
  • Meditate and listen to God
  • Feel the Oneness of the universe

When we can do all these things in the flow of the universe. . . then, we will have a time for love.

In other words, living a spiritual life is living in harmony with the universe. It is a way of life and a full-time practice.

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