A Springtime Shower

“A springtime shower renews the
soul for the long journey ahead.”

April Joy Manger

A resplendent rainbow… 

A baby whale breaching to communicate with its mother… 

A beautiful scene of snow-capped mountains… 

Or even a springtime shower can bring inspiration to the: 






The following is a true story, one which I have never forgotten. The memory lives forever in my heart and soul.

One Spring morning, I was up early to take my dog out for a walk. It was a quiet morning and a gentle rain had started.

We stepped outside, and as I opened my umbrella, 

the following words flowed through my heart, 

“This is why we are here.”

The message was clear to me…  a beautiful moment like walking in a gentle spring shower is one of life’s treasures.

I paused for a moment…

took a breath of the misty air, 

and felt the softness of the raindrops on my face.

Then as a tear streamed over my cheek…

I thanked God for my life 

and for the experience of being.


This profound moment brought me closer to God. 


After that misty rainy day, my life changed.

Now I yearn for more transcendental experiences…
to sense the divine oneness of all.

Springtime reminds us of how
beautiful and miraculous change can be!

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