A Rainbow of Light Within

No matter how you look at it, spiritually or scientifically, the perspectives on what energy is about, are not that different.

It’s simple, everything is energy.

We all have an eternal flame or spiritual light within to guide us on our paths. How we use this light or energy depends on the choices we have made for ourselves.

When I feel that things are not going well, I simply stop, breathe, and go within while listening to my eternal light. An inner voice guides me to what I should do. But all too often, I ignore the voice or I’m in too much of a hurry to stop, breathe and listen.

Our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions are energy. With this understanding, we become aware of our personal energy and the energy around and within us.

Energy transforms and will change; therefore, the challenge becomes keeping our beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions in a kind, loving and positive manner for the best possible outcomes. By maintaining the consciousness of love, getting through life’s challenges can occur with the least resistance.

One way of doing this is by setting our intentions as soon as we wake up in the morning to think, speak, and act with positive energy.

There are so many distractions in life, and it becomes a daily challenge to keep our personal energy positive. This is when meditation, yoga, walking in nature, and other calming activities can change our energy.

Awareness of the energy points in your body is another way to manage our personal energy. Energy points in the body are called chakras. There are seven primary chakras in the body (see above image). Chakras are connected to various organs and glands and are responsible for the flow of energy throughout the body. 

There are 114 chakras throughout and around the body. Chakras are circular energy vortexes located throughout the body. The seven primary chakras are located along the spinal column from the base of the tail bone to the top of the head and are the colors of the rainbow. In the ancient classical Indian language of Sanskrit, chakra means “wheel.”

How we decide to manage our energy is personal and unique to each of us. Awareness of our personal energy can help guide us on our life’s journeys.

If this resonates with you, I encourage you to find more information on the chakras.

2 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Light Within

  1. Words are energy, we become the words we speak. I’ve learned speak life! So if you feel like your thoughts are going negative, take that thought captive and pray. Release it to the throne of God’s Grace. He will breakdown any strong holds that is robbing you of Joy!

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