A More Fulfilling Life – The Natural Way

Living the natural way today is a state of mind and a philosophical practice of having a deeper awareness of life all around you and finding life’s deeper truths.

We are now seeing many people changing their ways and adopting to a natural way of living. More and more emphasis recently has been to teach our children greater respect for Mother Earth and showing children a natural way to maintain healthy and happy lifestyles. A movement called mindfulness, the practice of living in the present, is also being taught to school children around the world.

My son and daughter-in-law are great examples of living the natural way with focus on the body, mind, and spirit. My daughter-in-law receives a shipment of fresh vegetables and fruit to their doorstep once a week and plans their meals around what they receive. They have a vegetable garden in their backyard and my grandchildren participate with their parents in maintaining it.

My daughter-in-law makes homemade sourdough bread. It is so delicious especially when she adds homegrown rosemary from their backyard garden.

My grandchildren are eating natural and healthy food and getting outdoors as much as possible. The children are learning to honor and respect nature and Mother Earth.

The entire family consciously participates in recycling plastics, batteries, electronics, and paper products in the proper way and they compost. When I visit them for dinner, my grandchildren keep mindful eyes on what I do, such as what I toss in the trash and where I put my table scraps. I’m very proud to see how my son and daughter-in-law are teaching their children to be mindful of their environment and our planet.

My son and his wife have also taught their children to say a blessing before eating dinner. As soon as the children began talking, the children were saying the blessing. Giving thanks at mealtime is a conscious and mindful way of acknowledging what goes into the preparation of the food which means starting with the farmers, transporters, distributors – all the way to our tables. Giving thanks is a sacred ritual and a binding force for families.

As in the philosophy of the ripple effect, if one family is living the natural way other families will start doing the same. It’s the energy and law of the universe. If you would like to see a better world, then we all need to participate and [metaphorically] add more pebbles to the pond for a greater effect.

Even with our highly technological and modern lifestyles in times of autonomy and fast pace, it starts with each of us by adopting the natural way state of mind to live healthier and have more fulfilling lives.

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