A Declaration of Love

"Relationships are not measured in time but in lessons learned." - Brian Weiss, MD

It was Memorial Day weekend a little over a decade ago, when my soul awakened to the oneness of divine love. There are no words to describe the feeling. It was more than magical, it was transcendent.

The energy I felt was love magnified a million times. When the soul awakens it returns to love and life on earth is never the same. Now my life is spent keeping this feeling alive. 

On that emotion filled unforeseen day in May, I was catapulted to a higher frequency. Soon afterwards, I started to feel words flow through me. Where were the words coming from? The first word I felt was “heart.” I thought how strange because I had never experienced “feeling” a word. 

Words are sound frequencies felt in the cochlea, the spiral organ of the inner, but this vibration was coming from my heart!

After contemplating the word “heart” for a few minutes, it suddenly occurred to me that someone very dear to me had given me a beautiful sterling silver heart necklace.

Coincidently, he and I met on Memorial Day!

I thought, “Could he be trying to communicate with me from the other side?

Could we be soul mates?”

One of my favorite books is Only Love is Real, by Dr. Brian Weiss. In his book, he wrote, “Relationships are not measured in time but in lessons learned.”

The time with my soul mate was only a year, yet he influenced me in so many unforgettable ways. I have never forgotten him or his love.

Since that humbling experience over a decade ago, I have gained an abundance of spiritual insights. Here are some of those beliefs:

·       We are eternal beings of love and light

·       Consciousness is energy

·       There are many levels of consciousness, starting from shame to courage to love, peace and enlightenment (recommended reading Power vs. Force, by David R, Hawkins, MD., Ph.D.)

·       Living in the present moment enables us to feel the interconnectedness  of all (recommended reading The Art of Living, by Thich Nhat Hanh)

·       Possibilities are limitless

·       We are all part of a greater purpose  

I started writing poetry to develop more creativity in my life. Writing poetry is my outlet to express the love I feel and strengthen my connection to nature and other energy beings.

There are so many beautiful and wonderful experiences waiting for us.  When we can break down the barriers and let love flow to and from our hearts, an awe-inspiring universe is revealed within us.

Wishing you much peace and love on your life journey.

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