A Christmas to Remember

The Spirit of Christmas is for All

With Christmas almost here, I began thinking of some of my favorite Christmases past. When I think about some of my most memorable Christmases, they include the ones I shared as a child with my five siblings.

Each year as we grew older, we experienced new adventures and were bubbling over with excitement waiting for Santa and Christmas to arrive.

Here is one of those special Christmases.


A Christmas to remember

As a family we would go caroling around our neighborhood in Coronado, California. My two brothers played their trumpets while my mother, sisters and I sang. Our dog, Gambi, a German Shepherd, also came along.

Although my dad was often flying or on an aircraft carrier somewhere in the world, he almost always made it back home in time for Christmas.

But on this unforgettable Christmas, our father was unable to come home. He was on the USS Coral Sea aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean flying critical reconnaissance missions.


Waiting for Santa

On this particular Christmas eve, my older brother, Bryan (who was in the fifth grade), and I decided to get up during the night and sneak into the living room where the Christmas tree stood in front of the large glass pane window. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa.

I fell asleep, so my brother had to wake me up. We crawled out to the living room and hid behind a large antique upholstered chair. Our hearts were pounding with joy and excitement. 

We tried to stay quiet so Santa wouldn’t hear us. Suddenly we saw him. It was Santa! What a thrill my brother and I had. We quickly ran back to our bedrooms.

Was it really Santa or was it our imagination? We believed so deeply that we had made the “nice” list and Santa would bring us lots of toys and presents.

To this very day, when I think about that night, I can still feel the excitement.

Bryan passed away in 2012, which makes this memory extra special for me. I am so grateful I have this wonderful memory of him.

Memorable Christmases shared with my son 

As a toddler, my son saw Christmas with curious bright and perceptive eyes and ears. When we attended Christmas Mass, I couldn’t help but notice how he listened to the angelic choir sing and how he noticed the manger and the decorations in the church. It was as though he knew and felt from his heart the true meaning of Christmas. 


And what about Christmases to come? 

Some of my dreams for the future include creating many special memories with my family at Christmas. 

For my grandchildren, my hope is that they experience many happy Christmases together — just as I did with my siblings and son. 

And for all of us to believe in the magic and wonder of Christmas — not just to receive, but to give as well. 

To experience the joy of sharing and giving to those less fortunate, and to learn and know the story of Jesus and why Christmas is so wonderful and beautiful. 

These are some of my dreams for Christmases to come. 


A child is born in the town of Bethlehem 

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a child who came to Earth to bring peace and love. And no matter what religion or belief’s we have, the spirit of Christmas is for all. 

May the true spirit of Christmas live in our hearts always.

Blessings to all for a Christmas to remember.

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