A Choice of Love

Forces of nature
On the gateway to our souls
Choices to be made

Even before we are born, we make choices for our life’s journey. It seems to me that life is an endless journey of free will and choices. When we are young, our parents make most of our choices for us; however, as soon as we start talking, we begin having a voice in what we want. 

As I think about why I chose my mother for this lifetime, I’m certain that I chose her for her honesty, compassion, determination, hard work, intelligence, and being good and great at whatever she did.

My mother is strong on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She was an athlete all her life and, in a way she still is. If the weather is good, she gets out on her “trike” twice a day.

She loved swimming and excelled in basketball. She learned to swim in the Atlantic Ocean – so well that she became one with it by understanding the essence of its natural power. 

My mother was a great teacher, too. In fact, I’m still learning from her today. In college my mother majored in pre-med. Then while raising six children, she earned a master’s degree in education. 

She taught children with learning disabilities, high school science, biology and physics, and college level math. Even after she retired, she taught swimming to preschool children in our backyard pool. 

My mother exhibited all the skills I wanted in my life. She has advised me on countless occasions with the resounding message of being strong, not giving up, and moving forward. 

While growing up, the lessons my mother gave me and my siblings were opportunities to gain and benefit from throughout our lives. I’m blessed to have a loving and giving mother. When I need reassurance, my mother always gives me strength to meet life head on and trust that all will work out. 

We may not always make the best choices in life, but this much I know for sure, when we make choices out of love, we can’t go wrong. 

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