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“Seeing love in everything may be one of the secrets to living a happier and more peaceful life.”

April Joy Manger

A wonderful way to feel connected

When I began writing poetry, my goal was to become more creative.

As I tap into the present moment, a new vision of the world gradually appears around me – inspiring me to see beyond.
My favorite place to write is my living room, which has a large picture window with a peaceful and inspiring view. The first things I see are two beautiful weeping willow trees. Taking a closer look, long dangling branches gently sway in the breeze.
After I sit down and get comfortable, beauty begins to surface that I would have otherwise missed without taking the time to breathe and relax.
The longer I sit and observe, my connection to nature and to anything that is within my vision becomes stronger. I sense the energy of the wind between and around the tree branches and leaves, and over and under the wings of birds.
My window view gives me a front-row seat to magnificent sunsets with rays of love streaming through the window to my soul. A renewed connection to my environment emerges, and love is the resounding frequency.
Reading, writing and listening to poetry are wonderful ways to shift from a busy day into the present moment. It is a time when we can clear the mind from the perpetual motion and chatter around us. Writing poetry and journaling are perfect practices at any age. These practices can lead to the development of greater creativity and inspiration to follow your dreams.

“A feast of words that have the energy of love that can fill you, radiate to your environment”

April has mastered the art of poetry, whether it be haiku or free form. She has an amazing ability to not only use words but to feel them, which makes the reader feel them as well. I am in awe of the way she can express her feelings through her poems. It is as though her pen is connected to her heart.

Pete Dawson

April finds a way, through each poem, to connect with the emotion of the moment, then visualize and grow from the experience.

Thomas A. Ekkens